October 26, 2008





They came before the Mayflower and they kept coming over the seas. Join with Elzabad2 and take a trip with me across the sea and beyond your deepest imagination. Let that trip begin by sharing with me your dream and we will fit your vision with sails, legs, or wings. We will give you the various directions and itinerary to the most exotic vacations, re-unions, honeymoons. In fact you name your dream trip and we will help materialize that very experience.  VISIT

your dream? Do you think it means being caught in REM sleep and never awaking to reality? Do you accept waking up and seeing a different reality? Or is a dream just a vision of what is reality and just need you to weave the plans to make it happen? Is your life what you see as your being in this world or just the old nine to five dictated by the bosses and the wage-slave’s reality? It may have been that but if you look at the image above and close your eyes and tell us what you see when you open them we will help you begin your journey across the seas to entertain that exotic reality called living the dream.

Now let us begin this experiment of the power of suggestion. Begin by looking at the picture above at varying intervals of time. Open you eyes and share your experience with a comment. Start with a count of seconds 2–4–6–8 then a longer period of 3–5–7–9. Use either of these patterns and afterward open your eyes and see what is in your sight.

Explain that experience to your self and comment. You have just experienced the beginning of the process of positive thinking. This extend beyond wishing. This may not be your dream trip but of the many magazines find the picture of your journey and share it with us and since we are the agents of dreams we will help you make it happen. 

ELZABAD2 wish to help you plan a unique trip so we will offer a prize to the one that describes the most exotic imagination of their dream trip. The prize will be announced once you decide to JOIN ELZABAD2 at my Traverus web site  Visit my site and see the various member trips which are provided ONLY to the Traverus Members.  As a member, you have access to Traverus’ 7 Day Condo Specials. There is no need to play a game to find the trip of your dream but if you wish to imagine with us; you may be the Blessed person to start a New Home Based Business for your PEACE OF MIND.  For those looking for a less stressful way to earn an extra income Join Traverus and make your DREAM TRIP A REALITY!!!!!


Hello world!

October 14, 2008


Let us talk about travel and expressions. Elzabad2 is about life and people so let me introduce you the trip of you life. It is all about how you picture the view and where you are coming from and how you plan to get where you are going. We at Elzabad2 have the resources to help you sail across any ocean and into the South China seas.

Perhaps you are a people person and wish to become a fashion model and walk the cat walk. Why not get in touch with your ambitions and let us introduce you to professional photo editors, booking agents, and live camera and digital masters. Upload your full face photo to this site and we will display it if you make the cut. Please no pornography.

We also have contact with digital promoters and producers at exotic travel sights: